Our Products

Our focus of work is the construction of technical installations for ambient air treatment as well as the developement, production and distribution of technical components needed for air handling installations.

Self-developed products:
UV-C & Ozone Air-Cleaning-System®
Kitchen-WRG for Energy Recovery®

We offer innovative products for gastronomy and large-scale kitchens. Our products are of high reputation for their quality and reliability. Therefor we are well known in whole Europe. Technologies for incoming air and outgoing air from one supllier is they key to our success.

Our Service

  • Air handling technology for industry and commerce
  • Regulated ambient air handling
  • Air ventilation and air conditioning for conservatories
  • Ventilation pipes and ventilation channels
  • Sound-damping and accoustic insulation
  • Ventilation for gastronomy and large-scale kitchens
  • Exhaust hoods and exhaust cealings
  • UV – C & ozone air cleaning systems
  • Energy recovery for large-scale kitchens
  • Air condition for commerce and housing

Successful in Whole Europe

Ozone Exhaust Air Cleaning.

KITCHEN-WRG® Energy Recovery
Heat Exchanging Device.

Exhaust Hoods and Exhaust Ceilings

Maintenance Free Kitchen Ventilation