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Expertise and innovation in ultaviolet light air cleaning, exhaust air cleaning, kitchen technology and energy recovery for exhaust air.

We offer our service for further information and professionel consulting.

Never more: cleaning the canopy, cleaning the exhaust ducts, cleaning the exhaust fan.
No more: neighbor annoyance with unleasant smell.

We are looking forward to you!

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Air is Life

Good Air is Quality of Life.

Clean air makes us feel comfortable.

It is our mission to improve your quality of life with good and clean air. Good air is free of polution and risks for health. We use ultaviolet light for air cleaning and reduction of smells. We preserve energy by recovering heat.

We make you a convenient offer for airsolution exactly fitting your needs.

  • Air handling technology for industry and commerce
  • Regulated ambient air handling
  • Air ventilation and air conditioning for conservatories
  • Ventilation pipes and ventilation channels
  • Sound-damping and accoustic insulation
  • Ventilation for gastronomy and large-scale kitchens
  • Exhaust hoods and exhaust cealings
  • UV – C & ozone air cleaning systems
  • Energy recovery for large-scale kitchens
  • Air condition for commerce and housing
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